Traces of Violence book


Lene Auestad and Amal Treacher Kabesh eds.

Studies in the Psychosocial series, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

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We are all tainted, whether we are actively engaged or not, by violence in its countless and troubling manifestations. Images and fragments of traumatic and violent scenarios are transported from one generation’s unconscious to that of another, leading to cycles of repetition and retaliation, restricting one’s freedom to imagine alternatives and inhabit alternative positions. The essays in this book focus on the workings of violence and power. All the articles work within a psychosocial framework by unsettling the boundaries between psyche-social. Four themes are addressed: violence of speech, violence and domination, repetition and violence, and the possibility of reparation or renewal. The articles point to the fusion of temporalities and argue that the past persists in the present.

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INTRODUCTION by Lene Auestad and Amal Treacher Kabesh

LENE AUESTAD – Speech, Repetition, Renewal

SZYMON WRÓBEL – Logos, Ethos and Pathos or The Paradigm of Patho-Politics

WERNER PRALL – To Be or Bartleby: Psychoanalysis and the Crisis of Immunity

JONATHAN DAVIDOFF – Instrumental Subjectivity: père-suasion as père-version

KATHLEEN KELLEY-LAINÉ – From Totalitarian to Democratic Functioning: The Psychic Economy of Infantile Processes

KINGA GÖNCZ – Rhetorics of Power – Can it Dress up the Naked King?

EDWARD WEISBAND – The Rhetorics of Power and The Power of Rhetoric: Reification, Hate And Desire: A Psychopolitical Analysis of Mass Atrocity and Genocide

JULIA RICHTER – Intergenerational Layers of Silence: How the Concealed or the Outspoken Remain Undiscussable

LUCIA CORTI – Letters from The Unknown: Psychoanalysis and the Ethics of Knowing

AMAL TREACHER KABESH – Worrying Indifference: Sacrificing the Other

FERENC ERŐS – Ferenc Merei and the Politics of Psychoanalysis in Hungary

JULIA BOROSSA – Histories of Violence: Outrage, Identification and Analytic Work