Venue: Swedish Psychoanalytical Association, Västerlånggatan 60



09.00-09.30    Opening address

09.30-10.20    HANNAH ZEAVIN – War Games: Mourning Loss Through Play

10.30-11.20    LENE AUESTAD – Public Memory and Figures of Fragmentation

11.30-12.20    JONATHAN DAVIDOFF – To Mend the World

12.30-13.20    MAIRÉAD HANRAHAN – Literary Mourning: Giving Life to Grief

13.20-15.00    Lunch

15.00-15.50   EDNA MOR – The Intergenerational Mourning Process as a Way to Seek Ties with One’s Mother. Holocaust Survivor Mothers and their Daughters

16.00-16.50    HERMANN BELAND – Collective Mourning in Germans, Israelis/Jews, Palestinians

17.00-17.50    KIRSTEN KLERCKE – To Loose Twice? The hidden Jewish Children in Denmark 1943-45. Robert Refby’s Story

18.00-18.50    STEFFEN KRÜGER – Still Unable to Mourn? – Mediated Reactions to recent German Neo-Nazi Terrorism

                     (Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)



09.00-09.50    MARGARITA PALACIOS – Decolonizing Trauma and the Ethics of Anxious Witnessing

10.00-10.50  NAYLA DEBS – On-Going Mourning as a Way to go Beyond Endless Grief: Considerations on the Lebanese Experience

11.00-11.50    FERENC ERÓS – “Postmemory Syndrome” in new Hungarian Literature

12.00-12.50    ESZTER SALGÓ – Symbolic Loss and Denial of Mourning in Hungary

12.50-14.30    Lunch

14.30-15.20   SVEIN TJELTA – The Foundation Matrix and the “Global Village” in Relation to the Dynamic Variables of  Idealisation and Denigration in Modern Society (With Some Examples from Norway)

15.30-16.20    SZYMON WRÓBEL – Wagner and Freud on the Concept of the Death Drive According to Slavoj Žižek’s Opera’s Second Death

16.30-17.20    IMKE BRUST – National Trauma and Mourning – Sharing Lost Memories

17.30-18.20    JENYU PENG – When the “Comfort Women” Speak.  Traumatic Memory, Recognition, and Healing

18.30-19.20    BERIT REISEL – Documentary: Holocaust

                    (Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)



09.00-09.50   MARTINA WEINHOLD-METZNER – Traumatic Experience and Loss in Relation to Creativity

10.00-10.50   JEAN-FRANCOIS JACQUES – Trauma, Mourning and Memory in Three Plays by Ariel Dorfman

11.00-11.50   JANE FRANCES – Victory and Defeat – from Beveridge to Thatcher Without Tears

12.00-12.50   TOBIAS HÜBINETTE – Swedishness in Crisis, White Mourning and Melancholia and the Loss of “Good Old Sweden”

12.50-14.30   Lunch

14.30-15.20   HAAKON FLEMMEN – Modernity as Loss

15.30-16.20   IAIN TWIDDY – Aspects of Mourning in Contemporary Irish Poetry

16.30-17.20   MYNA TRUSTRAM – Collecting Loss – the Symbolic Meaning of Museum Objects

17.30-18.20   Summing up, discussion of future conferences.


Presentations are expected to take half an hour; another 20 min. is set aside for discussion. There is a 10 min. break in between each paper. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR PAPER FITS THE TIME-FRAME; IF IT EXCEEDS 30 MIN., THE TIME FOR DISCUSSION WILL BE REDUCED.

The conference fee, which includes two shared dinners, is 1200 NOK/ 1417 SEK/ 1157 DKK/ € 155/£ 135/ $ 214/ 110 LVL/ 537 LTL.

LENE AUESTAD, Research Fellow, Philosophy, University of Oslo/ Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities/ currently London/JONATHAN DAVIDOFF, Psychologist, Postgraduate Student in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Tavistock Centre, London

This symposium is organised by the NSU, an initiative by the Nordic Ministerial Council, which supports novel and interdisciplinary research collaboration between Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and between these countries and the rest of the world.





LENE AUESTAD, Research Fellow, Philosophy, University of Oslo/ Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities/ currently London, Norway/UK

METTE BAUER, Private practising psychologist, trained in psychoanalytic supervision and group analysis, Denmark,

HERMANN BELAND, Psychoanalyst, Organiser of group relations conferences, Germany,

IMKE BRUST, Assistant Professor, German Department, Haverford College, USA,

JONATHAN DAVIDOFF, Psychologist, Postgraduate Student in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Tavistock Centre, London, Mexico/UK,

NAYLA DEBS , Doctoral School “Research in Psychoanalysis”, Paris-Diderot University , Lebanon/France,

FERENC ERÓS, Professor, Doctoral School of Psychology, postgraduate programme in psychoanalytic theory, University of Pécs, Hungary,

HAAKON FLEMMEN, Intellectual Historian, Norway,

JANE FRANCES, Changing Faces and Essex PhD Student, UK,

MAIRÉAD HANRAHAN , Professor, Department of French, University College London, UK,

PHILIP HEWITT, Psychotherapist    British Association of Psychotherapists  and British Psychoanalytic Council, UK,

TOBIAS HÜBINETTE, Researcher in critical race and whiteness studies at the Multicultural Centre and Lecturer in intercultural studies at Södertörn University, Sweden,

JEAN-FRANCOIS JACQUES, Dramatherapist in private practice and in an adult mental health service in the NHS, founder and director of Out-Side-In: Centre for Dramatherapy and Therapeutic Theatre, and invited tutor on the MA in Dramatherapy at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Belgium/UK,

KIRSTEN KLERCKE , Censor in Philosophy and Citizenship (DPU), Folkeuniversitetet , Copenhagen, Denmark,

STEFFEN KRUEGER, PhD; assistant editor with American Imago, Norway/Germany,

EDNA MOR , Clinical psychologist and training analyst in the Israel and International Psychoanalytical Society and supervisor in Amcha, an institute for treatment of Holocaust survivors and the second generation, Israel,

MARGARITA PALACIOS, Lecturer, Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck, University of London, UK,

JENYU PENG, Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Associate Member, Centre de Recherches Psychanalyse, Médicine et Société (CRPMS), Université Paris-Diderot, Taiwan/France,

BERIT REISEL, Psychologist/HL-center, Norway ,

ESZTER SALGÓ, Teaches political psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome and Adjunct Professor of International Relations at the American University of Rome, Hungary/Italy,

SVEIN TJELTA, Group Analyst, Clinical Psychologist & Executive Editor of Matrix: Scandinavian Journal of Psychotherapy, Norway,

MYNA TRUSTRAM , Manchester Art Gallery, UK,

IAIN TWIDDY, Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University, Japan,

MARTINA WEINHOLD-METZNER, Fachärztin für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie, Psychoanalyse  (DPV, IPA, DGPT), Heidelberg, Germany,

SZYMON WRÓBEL, Associate Professor, Inst. of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Inst. for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland,

HANNAH ZEAVIN, American Studies, Yale University, USA