Discounted ticket for artists, freelancers and students

For the digital seminar series Crises and Transmission

Please note that we have suffered serious financial losses due to the restrictions related to the pandemic, and that we have received no compensation from the state. Therefore, if you can afford to pay for a full price ticket, please do so to help us continue our work.

Link to the series Crises and Transmission



Terms and conditions: Please register early. If you haven’t registered at least half an hour before the seminar starts, your participation cannot be guaranteed. Your ticket will only be refunded if the seminar is cancelled or postponed. If you have registered for a seminar and miss out for whatever reason, you can e-mail psychoanalysis.politics[at]gmail.com and ask for a private copy of the talk minus the discussion, which will be ready a few days after the event. For those who haven’t registered for a seminar, the video will be available for rental after a few days, see Films