Venue: Norwegian Psychoanalytical Society, Fr. Nansenv. 17, 0369 Oslo


09.00-09.30    Opening address by Lene Auestad

Chair: Sølvi Kristiansen

09.30-10.20    PAUL HOGGETT/LITA CROCIANI WINDLAND – Politics, Grief and Grievance

10.30-11.20    LENE AUESTAD – Likeness and Idealization

11.30-12.20    JONATHAN DAVIDOFF – The Mexican: Phantasy, Enactment and Defence

12.20-14.00    Lunch

Chair: Helgard Mahrdt

14.00-14.50    EARL HOPPER – Traumatised Social Systems and the Basic Assumption of Incohesion: Aggregation/Massification or (ba) I:A/M

15.00-15.50    SVEIN TJELTA – The Making of the Iso-Type

16.00-16.50    FERENC EROS – Budapest, the Capital of Hungarians. Rhetoric, Images and Symbols of the Hungarian Extreme Right

(Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)


Chair: Berit Reisel

09.00-09.50    RIVKA WARSHAWSKY – We Refugees: “If you will it, it is No Dream”

10.00-10.50    STEPHEN WILMER – Subversive Over-identification; or, How to Address the Obscene Superego of Nationalism

11.00-11.50    MARGARITA PALACIOS – Between Fantasy and Melancholia: Lack, Otherness and Violence

12.00-12.50    RAIVO VETIK – Discursive Reproduction of the Estonian-Russian Conflict

12.50-14.30    Lunch

Chair: Jane Frances

14.30-15.20    DAVID MILLAR – Hate and the Art of Politics. Why Love Never Gets the Vote

15.30-16.20    RONALD DOCTOR – The History of Murder and the Murder of History

16.30-17.20    MARTYN HOUSDEN – Erich Fromm on Politics and the Nation

17.30-18.20    AUDRONE ZUKAUSKAITE – Between Schizophrenia and Paranoia, or Revolutionary and Fascist Drives in the Political

(Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)


Chair: Jonathan Davidoff

10.00-10.50   SVEIN HAUGSGJERD – What Exactly is the Function of Psychoanalytic Theory in Zizek’s Political Writings?

11.00-11.50   CALUM NEILL – The Evil I Retreat From in Myself: Nationalism and das Ding

11.50-13.30   Lunch

Chair: Lene Auestad

13.30-14.20   SZYMON WRÓBEL – Populist Logic and the concept of the Political. The Case of Poland

14.30-15.20   MATT FFYTCHE – Truth and the National Interest: Freud and the Neocons

15.30-16.20   Summing up, discussion of future conferences

Presentations are expected to take half an hour; another 20 min. is set aside for discussion. There is a 10 min. break in between each paper.


Name Title/affiliation Country
1 LENE AUESTAD Research Fellow, Philosophy, University of Oslo/ Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities/ currently London Norway/UK
2 BENJAMIN BODO Student Norway
3 ESPEN COLLETT Psychiatrist, Psychotherapy supervisor  DnLF,  Institutt for Psykoterapi, Institutt for Gruppeanalyse, Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gruppenanalyse (Bonn), Group Analytic Society (London) Norway
4 JONATHAN DAVIDOFF Psychologist, Postgraduate Student in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Tavistock Centre, London Mexico/UK
5 RONALD DOCTOR Psychoanalyst, British Psychoanalytical Society, Consultant Psychiatrist, West London Mental Health NHS Trust UK
6 FERENC ERÓS Professor, Doctoral School of Psychology, postgraduate programme in psychoanalytic theory, University of Pécs Hungary
7 MATT FFYTCHE Director of Graduate Studies and Lecturer, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex UK
8 HAAKON FLEMMEN Intellectual Historian Norway
9 JANE FRANCES Changing Faces and Essex PhD Student UK
10 MICHAEL FRIEDEL Candidate, Norwegian Institute of Psychoanalysis Norway (Born in Germany)
11 SUSANA GADACSI Clinical Pscyhologist Hungary/Norway
12 David Paul Galea Doctor of medicine and surgery (MD) and Member of the Royal College of psychiatry (MRCPsych)Specialty Registrar in psychotherapy, Oxford and Buckinghamshire Mental health NHS Trust UK
13 SVEIN HAUGSGJERD Psychoanalyst, Chief Physician,  Aker University Hospital, Oslo, Professor, Bodø University College Norway
14 PHILIP HEWITT Psychotherapist    British Association of Psychotherapists  and British Psychoanalytic Council UK
15 PAUL HOGGETT Professor of Politics, Director, Centre for Psycho-Social Studies, University of the West of England UK
16 INGA MARIE HOLST Student Norway
17 EARL HOPPER Psychoanalyst, British Psychoanalytical Society, Group Analyst, International Association of  Group Psychotherapy UK
18 MARTYN HOUSDEN Reader in Modern History, University of Bradford UK
19 TONYA SUE MADSEN Clinical Psychologist USA/Norway
20 DANIEL KAITIFF Medical Doctor UK
21 SØLVI KRISTIANSEN Psychologist, psychoanalyst. President The Norwegian psychoanalytical Society Norway
22 STEFFEN KRUEGER PhD;  Assistant editor with American Imago Norway/Germany
23 STAFFAN LANG Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist Sweden
24 Vera Louise Hiorth lØnning Doctor of medicine and surgery (MD)lege I spesialisering akutt psyk. Avd, ahus (maternity leave) Norway/UK
25 Helgard Mahrdt Guest researcher, University of Oslo, Institute for Educational Research Germany/Norway
26 BONITA MENDEL Occupational Therapist. Honorary Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. UK
27 DAVID MILLAR Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist in the NHS, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex UK
28 CALUM NEILL Lecturer in Critical Psychology, Edinburg Napier University UK
29 MARGARITA PALACIOS Lecturer, Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck, University of London UK
30 BERIT REISEL Psychologist/HL-centre Norway (Born in Sweden)
31 Ida svelmo nilsen Student Norway
32 Harald Støren Master of Philosophy in Psychology, Candidatus Rerum Politicarum (Cand.polit.) in Political Science Norway
33 Truls tallberg Psychologist/Nic Waals Institute Norway
34 SVEIN TJELTA Group Analyst, Clinical Psychologist & Executive Editor of Matrix: Scandinavian Journal of Psychotherapy Norway
35 SANDRA VEGAS Psychotherapist, Universidad de San martín de Porrres Dept. of Psychology Peru
36 RAIVO VETIK Professor of Comparative Politics, Institute of Government, Senior Researcher, Institute of International and Social Studies, Tallinn University Estonia
37 RIVKA WARSHAWSKY Psychoanalyst, Lecturer Bar Ilan University, member of the Israeli Group of the European School of Psychoanalysis (GIEP), member of Psychoactive, Israeli therapists politically engaged in activism against the occupation Israel
38 STEPHEN WILMER Professor, Trinity College Dublin USA/Dublin
39 SZYMON WRÓBEL Associate Professor, Inst. of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Inst. for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Warsaw Poland
40 AUDRONE ZUKAUSKAITE Philosopher, Senior Research Associate, Lithuanian Institute of Culture, Philosophy and Art Lithuania