Psychodynamics in Times of Austerity

MAY 18TH– 20TH 2018

Avenida da República 97, 5, 1050-190, Lisboa



09.00-09.30 Opening address with presentation round

09.30-10.20 TERESA SANTOS NEVES/ CARLOS FERRAZ – When Shock is not Shocking: Psychodynamcis Underlying the Acceptance of Austerity

10.30-11.20 LENE AUESTAD – Austerity, Time and the Common World

11.30-12.20 DUARTE ROLO – Psychoanalysis and Social Suffering: From Psychologisation to Politisation

12.30-13.20 RENÉE DANZIGER – We’re All in This Together: The Myth of Austerity

13.20-15.00 Lunch

15.00-15.50 MARGARITA PALACIOS – Becoming the People: A Critique to Populist Aesthetics of Visibility

16.00-16.50 ZELJKA MATIJAŠEVIĆ – The Reduction of Melancholy to Depression: What is Being Lost?

17.00-17.50 NAYLA DEBS – Clinical Practice in Neoliberal Times: Individual Distress, Global Precariousness and the Need to Define New Forms of Materialism

18.00-18.50 RAFAEL DAUD – Anorexia as Austerity’s Other Side of the Coin



09.00-09.50 SAMIR GANDESHA – The Authoritarian Personality Reconsidered

10.00-10.50 JAMIE STEELE – Can Psychoanalysis save us from this Pain? Reflections on Moving Through a Sociology of Sadistic Privilege

11.00-11.50 PHILIP HEWITT – Austerity as a Governing Mental State

12.00-12.50 SZYMON WRÓBEL – Productivity of Poverty. Managing Poverty in Philosophy from Benjamin and Heidegger to Agamben, Negri and Hardt

12.50-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.20 EFI KOUTANTOU – Loss and Trauma during the Greek Crisis: A Collapse of an Ideal?

15.30-16.20 MARINA PRENTOULIS – Violent Encounters: ‘Acting Out’ before redrawing the Political Froniers

16.30-17.20 ANDREAS MURRAY – Political Extremism and Religious Terror

17.30-18.20 JENYU PENG – Utopian Imagination as a Way of Revolt against Realpolitik. Reflections upon the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan

(Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)



10.00-10.50 EVELINE LIST – Austerity: Economic Theory, Mainstream Ideology and Psycho-Social Reality

11.00-11.50 LINDEN WEST – Austerity and Austere Psychoanalysis? Challenging Boundaries between Psychoanalysis, Zombie Economics and a New Politics

12.00-12.50 EDWARD WEISBAND – Austerity, Thy Name be Narcissus, Thy Face be Three Vanities: Digital Selfie Narcissism, Populist Identitarian Narcissism, and Avaricious Authoritarian Narcissism

12.50-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.20 SEBASTIÃO VIOLA – When Neoliberalism becomes too Real: Trump and the Use of Psy Diagnosis as an Ideological Device

15.30-16.20 Closing discussion, feedback about the conference


About the presenters

LENE AUESTAD, PhD, prev. Research Fellow, Philosophy, University of Oslo, Norway/UK

RENÉE DANZIGER, D. Phil., Psychoanalyst, Fellow, British Psychoanalytical Society

RAFAEL DAUD, Psychoanalyst, Master of Social Psychology, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Fórum do CAmpo Lacaniano, São Paulo

NAYLA DEBS, PhD candidate, Psychoanalytic studies, Paris-Diderot University/clinical psychologist, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France

CARLOS FERRAZ, Psychoanalyst, Portuguese Psychoanalytic Society

SAMIR GANDESHA, Associate Professor, Department of the Humanities, Director, Institute for the Humanities, Simon Fraser University, Canada

PHILIP HEWITT, Psychotherapist, British Psychotherapy Foundation, UK

EFI KOUTANTOU, PhD Candidate, Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies Department, University of Essex, UK

EVELINE LIST, University Professor, History department, Psychoanalyst/ training analyst (IPA), Vienna, Austria

ZELJKA MATIJAŠEVIĆ, Professor, Comparative Literature, Head of the Comparative Literature Department, University of Zagreb, Croatia

TERESA SANTOS NEVES, PhD, Psychoanalyst, Portuguese Psychoanalytic Society

ANDREAS MURRAY, Psychoanalyst, Swedish Psychoanalytical Society

MARGARITA PALACIOS, Senior Lecturer, Psychosociial Studies, Birkbeck University of London, UK

JENYU PENG, Institute of Ethnology, Academica Sinica, Taiwan

MARINA PRENTOULIS, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Media, University of East Anglia, UK

DUARTE ROLO, Université Paris Descartes, France

JAMIE STEELE, Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist, Civil and Domestic Mediator, Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute

SEBASTIÃO VIOLA,  Dr. (medical), training at CFAR, Cardiff, UK

EDWARD WEISBAND, Dr Diggs Endowed Chair Professor, Dep. of Political Science, Virginia Tech, USA

LINDEN WEST, Professor, Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

SZYMON WRÓBEL, Professor of Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences and Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw, Poland

The conference lasts for three full days, from about 9 am until about 6 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The time frame for each paper is 30 min for the presentation itself + 20 min for discussion, 50 min in total, and with a 10 min break in between each paper. This is an interdisciplinary conference. Perspectives from different psychoanalytic schools will be most welcome. We promote discussion among the presenters and participants; the symposium series creates a space where representatives of different perspectives come together, engage with one another’s contributions and participate in a community of thought. Therefore, attendance of the whole symposium is obligatory. Due to the nature of the forum audio recording is not permitted. This is a relatively small symposium where active participation is encouraged and an enjoyable social atmosphere is sought. A participation fee, which includes a shared dinner with wine, of € 299 before March 1st 2018 – € 377 between March 1st 2018 and April 10th 2018 – € 455 after April 10th, is to be paid before the symposium. Fees must be paid via Picatic. (Transaction fees are not included in the price).

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer travel grants or other forms of financial assistance for this event, though we will be able to assist you in finding affordable accommodation after February 1st... Please contact us if you wish to make a donation towards the conference. We thank all donors in advance! We would like to thank the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society.