Books that refer to Psychoanalysis and Politics conferences


Jonathan Sklar – Dark Times: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Politics, History and Mourning, Phoenix

“I want to thank all the participants in Dr Lene Auestad’s 2017 conference in Paris, titled Anxious Encounters and Forces of Fear; the participants of David Morgan’s 2015-2018 Political Mind seminars at the Institute of Psychoanalysis in London; Jasminka Šuljagić, Tijana Miladinović, and the Psychoanalytic Society of Serbia; Valentina Lessenka and the Bulgarian Society; and Moisés Lemlij and the participants of the 2018 La Escena Contemporánea conference in Lima.”


Amal Treacher Kabesh – Egyptian Revolutions: Conflict, Repetition and Identification, Rowman & Littlefield

“I am grateful to Samantha Ashenden, Lene Auestad, James Brown, Lesley Caldwell, Jonathan Davidoff and Susannah Radstone for organising seminars and conferences, where I gained invaluable comments and helpful pointers. I am also thankful to the members of the Psychoanalysis and Politics Network for continuing and helpful discussion that has taken place over many years.”


Edward Weisband – The Macabresque: Human Violation and Hate in Genocide, Mass Atrocity, and Enemy-Making, Oxford University Press

“I want to extend personal gratitude to the dedicated scholars across the globe who contribute to the deliberations of International Association of Genocide Scholars, especially Alexander Laban Hinton, and to those professional scholars and practitioners who regularly participate in the Politics and Psychoanalysis Symposia, especially Lene Auestad, Pina Antinucci, Jay Frankel, Amal Treacher Kabesh, and Julianna Vamos.”


Lene Auestad – Respect, Plurality, and Prejudice: A Psychoanalytical and Philosophical Enquiry into the Dynamics of Social Exclusion and Discrimination, Karnac/Routledge

“After that circle had finished, I started my own conference series, “Psychoanalysis and Politics”. This space for discussion and exchange has been invaluable for my development. I am most grateful to the people who have been, and continue to be, part of it, and especially to Jonathan Davidoff, my co-organiser since the second conference.”


Photo: Reading by Sam Greenhalg, Flickr, Creative Commons.